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Walks Around  Northcliffe

Aging Well Walks

9 Walks Around Northcliffe

These walks and the map have been produced with funding from Ageing Well fund, designed to help people get their fitness back after the Covid-19 lock downs and restrictions. Many people came to Northcliffe for their exercise and Northcliffe park and woods were very busy. Often people stayed on the main paths but there is a lot more to Northcliffe than the formal park and main tarmac path.

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Specialist Walks

Birds, Bats, Wildflowers and History

Downloadable maps for guided walks showing the best nature and history that Northcliffe has to offer. Find bird habitats and the bird hide or look for the amazing variety of wildflowers that grow here in Northcliffe.

Look for the hints and clues left in the landscape of Northcliffe's history with our two heritage walks.