These walks and the map have been produced with funding from Ageing Well fund, designed to help people get their fitness back after the last year of lock downs and restrictions. Many people came to Northcliffe for their exercise and Northcliffe park and woods were very busy. Often people stayed on the main paths but there is a lot more to Northcliffe than the formal park and main tarmac path.

See all nine walks here.

This map has nine walks of different lengths and difficulty; Northcliffe is not exactly a flat place. There are walks ranging from 10 mins to an hour for the whole circuit of both woods and the park.

We have created two walks from four differences entrances to the park so hopefully there will be some near to where you live or can easily reach. Buses Stop on the main Bradford Road, and there is some parking near to these entrances on:

  • Bradford Road
  • Cliffe Wood Avenue
  • Lynton Drive
  • High Bank Lane (top of Moorhead Lane)

The circuit walk can be accessed from any of these entrances.

Each walk has an estimated walking time and an idea of how easy or hard it will be. Some of the walks have optional shorter or longer walks built into them so if you are tired or raring to carry on you can do so.

Each walk aims to take you to a different bench/ seat and has a map and instructions for where to start and to go.

The walks also include some snippets of information about the area you are walking through.

Once you have started to explore the different areas you will see that there are many other paths that you can use to create your own walks.

Living Well has a lot of toolkits and resources which can help you to get and keep fit. There are some good warm up exercises to get you ready to set off for a walk, and for those days when the weather is not so nice to be outside! 

Northcliffe can be a very muddy place even on the main woodland paths, and the grass can get very boggy, so in winter or after a long spell of rain you will need to take care and wear suitable shoes/ boots/ wellies.

See all nine walks here.

If you are interested in history, birds, flowers or bats then there are other more specialist walks here.