Bird walk in Northcliffe Woods

This is a guided walk, designed around looking for birds in Northcliffe. Use the walk to find habitats and the bird hide.

Final Bird Walk2

Wildflower walk around Northcliffe

This is a guided walk around Northcliffe, looking for wildflowers.

Final Wildflower Walk2

Bat walk around Northcliffe

This is a map and information about where bats can be seen and heard in Northcliffe.

Final Bat Walk 1

Heritage Walk One

As part of the Heritage project we created several walks in and around Northcliffe and Heaton Woods, and they regularly ran guided exploratory stroll. So far we have created a couple of self-guided walks based on these guided explorations. There are two walks, one of which takes in Northcliffe Woods and the other which takes in the meadow and Old Spring Wood.
This walk (One) is best done in winter when vegetation is low and features on the ground are more easily seen. Not all the sites described have visible remains. The track from the car park is tarmacked initially but can be muddy and uneven in later sections. The routes to points (4) and (9) are often muddy and the access to the latter can be difficult: these can be omitted.
Conditions can be icy in severe weather. Please be responsible for your own safety.Heritage Walk3